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Hi! I'm Ariel Jade, a full-time artist & entrepreneur!

I am a Twitch Partner & content creator of variety gaming content, cosplay, & live music!
I stream a wide range of game genres, with a focus on Soulslikes, Metroidvanias, FPS, RPG, & indie games - tune in for my weekly Indie Inspections segments on the weekends if you're looking to discover new adorable indies!

If you're here for the love of music, stay tuned for my monthly Music Mondays segment for a

FREE LIVE SHOW on my Twitch!


I love exploring the secrets of new level designs & losing myself in the adventure, with light role play of course.

I do occationally do of variety streams, as well, including cosplay streams, IRL convention escapades, web shows, and live music!

(online & at live venues, mainly in Nashville & around Mississippi)


I have been singing since before I could talk,

& writing songs since I was old enough to,

circa age 5. 
I have been playing guitar since I was 8! I picked up the mandolin along the way at age 12.

Music is my love.

Entertainment is my passion!

Kindness is my Mission.

Twitch started as a hobby - a fun way to interact.

In 2018, my perspective changed as I moved into live broadcasting & gaming.  I love screen-work, creating content, and distracting people from “real life”, even if it’s just for a little while.

I also work with companies and brands for

freelance marketing, master classes for

corporation professional development,

Voice Over Projects & Short Form Content!

Feel free to contact me about booking for your own project.

All About Me
ArielJade 2022, Dragon Con (17).jpg

Fun Facts

I started teaching at 21, around the same time that I started gaming! 

I'm an English & Social Studies teacher gone professional streamer.  

I hold a bachelor's in English Writing and a Master's in Education.

My Mission

As Content Creator & Entertainer in the gaming industry, I love sharing the joys of our field with the world. Healthy competition, genuine enjoyment, positive collaboration, and an exceptional entertainment experience are what I strive to build into my brand daily - hopefully, in turn, impacting the industry, as a whole.





Notable Accomplishments

  • Former Mixer Partner 2019 | 18k+ fans

  • Twitch Partner 2019 - Present | 17k+ fans

  • Featured Creator at Dreamhack Atlanta 2019

  • Featured Creator at Dreamhack Anaheim 2020

  • Presenter at eSports Business Summit | Las Vegas 2019

  • Featured Music Artist at TwitchCon | San Diego 2019

  • Featured Music Artist at MomoCon | Atlanta + Online 2020

  • Pin-Ups Cosplay Contest Finalist at DragonCon | Atlanta 2022

  • Featured Talent in the MisfitsGG #PlunderInTheSky Warzone Charity Tournament 2020

  • Featured Talent in the MisfitsGG Stream2Swab Charity Event 2021


  • Cosplays TBA | DragonCon | Atlanta 2024

  • TwitchCon | San Diego 2024



  • Call of Duty x Tontinos | Launch of MWI Campaign | 2019

  • Technisport | LIVE Brand Model & Creator at E3 | 2019

  • Meta Meals | Brand Product Launch Campaign | 2020

  • Adam & Eve | Sponsored Model | Body Positive Campaign | 2020

  • ADVANCEDgg | Sponsored x Signed Model/Creator Since 2022

  • GUNNAROptiks | Sponsored x Signed Model Since 2022

  • GUNNAROptiks x Marvel | Sponsored Model Since 2023

  • UK Comics | "Suvi" Cosplay | 2023

  • TEMU | Sponsored Model | 2024

  • Cosplay Contest Judge & Emcee | Annual Cherry Blossom Festival (ISEKAI) | Macon, GA 2024

  • ShotcallGG | Sponsored Creator & Freelance Social Media Marketing Consultant | 2021 - 2023

  • Fourthwall | Partnered Creator & Freelance Social Media Marketing Consultant Since 2023


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