Hi! I'm Ariel Jade, 27-year-old teacher gone professional streamer.  I hold a bachelor's in English Writing and a Master's in Education.
I am a Twitch Partner that enjoys playing with my community and meeting new people! 
I started streaming initially for a Twitch emblem on Destiny 1 back in December of 2016. I absolutely fell in love with the entertainment and community streaming creates!

I stream a variety of games, with a focus on FPS, RPG, & indie games!

I do tons of variety streams, as well, including cosplay streams, web shows, and live music.

I have been singing since before I could talk, and writing songs since I was old enough to write. 
I have been playing guitar since I was 8! I picked up the mandolin along the way.
Music & Entertainment is my passion!

Twitch started as a hobby - a fun way to interact.

In 2017, my perspective changed as I moved into live broadcasting & gaming.

I love screen-work, creating content, and distracting people from “real life”, even if it’s just for a little while.

My Mission:

As Content Creator & Entertainer in the Esports gaming industry, I love sharing the joys of our field with the world. Healthy competition, genuine enjoyment, positive collaboration, and an exceptional entertainment experience are what I strive to build into my brand daily - hopefully, in turn, impacting the industry, as a whole.


  • Former Mixer Partner +12k (March 2020)

  • Verified Bing Partner (April 2020)

  • Verified Shotcall Beta Partner (May 2020)

  • Verified Twitch Partner (June 2020)

  • Session Live Music Partner (Nov. 2020)

  • Epic Content Creator (since 2018)

  • Signed Talent @ CESD Talent Agency (Jan. 2020)

  • Registered BMI songwriter

  • ArielJade™ & TeamJaded® Brand Founder

- Official Trademarks (August 2020)

Panels & Events:

  • Tempest Esports Awards 2019

- Presented "The Watchlist"

  • TwitchCon SanDiego 2019

- Performed on the Kappa Cabana Stage

  • MomoCon (online) 2020

- Digital Music Performance

  • St. Jude Play LIVE Summit (digital) 2020

- Stream Host -

- $3,700+ raised for charity -

  • Invitation ATL 2020 Fall Guys Tournament

- Comcast x Gamers.Vote -
- Competed as a "Personality" -

  • Invitation FALL-O'-WEEN 2020 Fall Guys Tournament

- MTV x Venn x Gamers.Vote -
- Competed as a "Personality" -
- Semi-Finals 4th Place -

  • Mutineers Plunder In The Sky Charity Invitational

- 7th Place // $4,000+ Prize money for Miami Cancer Institute -

  • Invitation ATL 2020 Corporate Challenge Fortnite Tournament

- Make-A-Wish Charity Event hosted by Skillshot Media -

- 3rd Place -

  • Queens.gg x MTV x Rise Above the Disorder

      Charity Event Behavioral Science Panel (May 2021)

Esports Host:

  • Tournament Host/Caster @ SmashBrosGaming (Jan. 2021)

  • Dedicated Host for iATL 2021 Rogue Company Tournament Finals produced by Skillshot Media (March 2021)

All About Me