Hi! I'm Ariel Jade, 28-year-old teacher gone professional streamer.  I hold a bachelor's in English Writing and a Master's in Education.
I am a Twitch Partner that enjoys playing with my community and meeting new people! 
I started streaming initially for a Twitch emblem on Destiny 1 back in December of 2016. I absolutely fell in love with the entertainment and community streaming creates!

I stream a variety of games, with a focus on FPS, RPG, & indie games!

I do tons of variety streams, as well, including cosplay streams, web shows, and live music.

I have been singing since before I could talk, and writing songs since I was old enough to write. 
I have been playing guitar since I was 8! I picked up the mandolin along the way.
Music & Entertainment is my passion!

Twitch started as a hobby - a fun way to interact.

In 2017, my perspective changed as I moved into live broadcasting & gaming.

I love screen-work, creating content, and distracting people from “real life”, even if it’s just for a little while.

I also work with companies and brands for

Voice Over Projects & Short Form Content!

Feel free to contact me about booking for your own project.

My Mission

As Content Creator & Entertainer in the Esports gaming industry, I love sharing the joys of our field with the world. Healthy competition, genuine enjoyment, positive collaboration, and an exceptional entertainment experience are what I strive to build into my brand daily - hopefully, in turn, impacting the industry, as a whole.


Former Mixer Partner +12k (March 2020)

Verified Bing Partner (April 2020)

Verified Shotcall Beta Partner (May 2020)

Verified Twitch Partner (June 2020)

Session Live Music Partner (Nov. 2020)

Epic Content Creator (since 2018)

Signed Talent @ CESD Talent Agency (2020 - 2021)

Registered BMI songwriter

ArielJade™ & TeamJaded® Brand Founder

- Official Trademarks (August 2020)

Panels & Events

Tempest Esports Awards 2019

- Presented "The Watchlist"

TwitchCon SanDiego 2019

- Performed on the Kappa Cabana Stage

MomoCon (online) 2020

- Digital Music Performance

St. Jude Play LIVE Summit (digital) 2020

- Stream Host

- $3,700+ raised for charity

Invitation ATL 2020 Fall Guys Tournament

- Comcast x Gamers.Vote
- Competed as a "Personality"

Invitation FALL-O'-WEEN 2020 Fall Guys Tournament

- MTV x Venn x Gamers.Vote
- Competed as a "Personality"
- Semi-Finals 4th Place

Mutineers Plunder In The Sky Charity Invitational

- 7th Place // $4,000+ Prize money for Miami Cancer Institute

Invitation ATL 2020 Corporate Challenge Fortnite Tournament

- Make-A-Wish Charity Event hosted by Skillshot Media

- 3rd Place

Queens.gg x MTV x Rise Above the Disorder

      Charity Event Behavioral Science Panel (May 2021)

All About Me

Event Host

Tournament Host/Caster @ SmashBrosGaming (Jan. 2021)

Dedicated Host for iATL 2021 Rogue Company Tournament Finals produced by Skillshot Media (March 2021)








Meta Meals


Stream Deck

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