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Nashville Nights & City Lights | 2024 Music Updates

I'm working on SO MANY NEW PROJECTS!

My "Makings of Music" VLOG series will be getting new episodes SOON! - BREAK MY FOURTHWALL - | "MUSIC LOVERS" MEMBERSHIP

Finished writing "Hard to Trust a Man (Who Can't Trust Himself With Whiskey)" with Wood Newton at RCA Records on 2/19/2024 in "The Magic Room" AKA Chet Atkins' office. It was magical. Less than 24 hours later, we tracked the song at Mike Loudermilk's studio & just the ruff mix gave me chills. It has this heavy Blues-influenced sound, making nods to my Bluegrass roots, good Old Country sounds, and Classic Rock riff vibes from the 80s. I cannot wait to share it!!! You'll hear myself on vocals & mandolin, Mike on multiple guitars & bass, and I have my friend Nate Leath laying down a fiddle track to spice it up a bit more, then I'll get the master & begin with distro! ETA April 2024.

Currently finishing up another co-write I got in this past week with friends Lucas White & David Vargas - grown from Bluegrass & Blues roots, "Wake Up!" is gonna be one I TURN UP every damn day.

Finishing up another song with my friend Tim Andrews - "This Time" will be one of my softer, Folk-Rock style songs, and I am pumped to get it recorded this Spring!

"Nashville Nights" is a new song I've got in the works...

I've been working on a new album, "Vintage Soul", as well. More info TBA as the project progresses! I've already gotten 4/12 songs written & selected for the project. :D

As for live performances, y'all will have way more opportunities to catch a live show in 2024 if you in or traveling through Nashville, TN or Jackson, MS! Follow my and turn on notifications for posts, updates, & outtakes regarding my music & live shows!

I'm working on a mobile setup for recording the full live shows for "Music Lovers" Members, as well.

Download my "Ariel Jade" app today over on Fourthwall!



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