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JUST A LITTLE JADED | Remaster Release TBA

Hiya hi!!

If you have listened to my music & are wondering where tracks went, I am in the process of changing distribution services, as well as have gained access to top tier studios in Nashville, and will be releasing a Remaster of my Independent Artist EP ASAP! I'll be adding some new tracks & final touches for the remasters -


In the meantime, enjoy some single releases, remastered & new!

"I'm the One" from my "Just a Little Jaded" EP will be released as a single, as is. I created this track back in Summer 2023 - you can hear me on vocals, guitar, and mandolin! Aside from the added drum kit, everything you hear is me.

"Pebbles" is the other song that will be released as is as a single!

I wrote both of these songs at ages 14/15.

I finally recorded these at age 29.

Single releases on March 17, 2024 - hopefully they bring you some fun luck this St. Patrick's Day!

If you purchased the original EP, hold onto it forever because no longer available for purchase as of February 29, 2024!

Thanks for all your love & support, Crew.

PS I can't wait to share my new projects I've been working on at RCA Records.... :D

-Ariel Jade <3

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