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Just a Little Jaded


Finally making time for more music focus! Better late than never, right?

My EP released back in October 2023 - I hope you've enjoyed my sounds!

6 songs.

6 pieces of my soul.

I put my heart into independently recording this EP.

All songs were written, recorded, produced, published, and distributed by me! I even created my own publishing company and record label under my LLC!

Publisher: Ariel Jade Music

Label: Ariel Jade

  1. "I'm the One"

  2. "Pebbles"

  3. "Comfort Zone"

  4. "Jaded Love"

  5. "Without a Fight"

  6. "Float On"

Y'all have been asking, and thanks for your patience!

Here's a little bit about the songs on the EP that I haven't already posted a BLOG about:

  1. "I'm the One"

  2. "Pebbles" Pebbles is also one of my older songs that I didn't lose to the wind over the past 20 years writing and creating music. I this song circa 2008 with the intention of speaking to our need to let things go - the burden of holding onto the negatives makes our walk in life that much harder, for ourselves and for those around us. Next time you're at "a fork in the road, drop the pebble of 'hate'."

  3. "Comfort Zone"

  4. "Jaded Love" This song has a little bit different story behind it, and one that is quite personal. The original version of this song was written in a past relationship for an abusive 'partner' that needed coddling - instead of losing my art, I tweaked it to fit a version of myself and my experience of being so jaded after failed relationships, abusive exes, assailants, etc. and still being able to find a love - even a "Jaded Love" - that IS meant for me. Learning from the pains... moving forward with compassion and understanding... but also being aware that even a little jaded love is better than none. A "jaded" love that has been through the ringers (and rings) can lead to something even stronger - a grounded, realistic, TRUE love - CHOOSING to love again, regardless of past transgressions by others who claimed to love you.

  5. "Without a Fight" This song is for all those who have been in the throes of a dying love, a failed marriage, a fading relationship. For relationships to build and survive, it takes effort from all parties involved. You can fight for something or someone - but if they don't return the effort, it's ultimately doomed to fail. If you find yourself to be alone in the ring fighting to win, it's time to walk away. You've already won by caring enough to put in genuine effort. Don't let your life pass you by if the energy is not matched. You can't fill others' cups with nothing poured back in return.

  6. "Float On"

I hope you enjoyed this look into the meanings and stories behind my songs! I have SO MANY projects being prepped for 2024 - stay tuned. (:

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